Residential Waterproofing, Sealants & Restoration - Chicago & Chicagoland Area

Architectural Sealants Incorporated was founded in 1992 and began providing quality, reliable service to homeowners throughout the Chicagoland area. It proudly employs well trained, union field workers and an efficient, professional office support staff. Architectural Sealants utilizes combined crews of tuckpointers, caulkers and roofers.  We are certified applicators of Dow Corning, G.E., Sonneborn, Tremco, Pecora, Chem-Trete, Hydrozo, Grace, W.R. Meadows, Watson-Bowman, and Williams.

Perimeter Caulking
We provide perimeter caulking of windows, masonry control joints, doors and dryer vents. We also provide application of breathable masonry water repellants such as Degussa BSM100/Chem-Trete PB100 for new and previously treated masonry.

We do exterior envelope inspections on new and existing buildings. We look for masonry cracks, the need for miscellaneous tuckpointing, failed perimeter sealants at windows, doors, thru wall penetrations, and current state of masonry water repellant effectiveness.

Architectural Sealants, Inc. serves residential customers throughout the City of Chicago, Chicago Suburbs, Northwest Indiana, Chicagoland, the Tri-State area and beyond.